Dane Racing Products a Core Dodge Dart Parts Company


Dane Racing Products is  absolutely a 2013, and beyond performance parts company for the Dodge Dart. DRP offers everything from, CAI, Air Filters, Oil Cat Cans, Spoilers, exhausts for your Dodge Dart.
Looking for performance add-ons for your dodge dart can sometimes be a hassle, a new car from dodge doesn’t always have vendors dropping everything to develop a product for the dart;  that being that you want your money worth for the part. This is now a adventure for most ethical shoppers; looking for reviews, and data sheets. Check out Dane Racing Products (DRP) Today.

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  1. Ratburger08

    August 16, 2013 at 9:36 pm

    I have the very first CAI offered by DRP and I gotta say, that thing has been one of my best mods. I’ve had it for over 10,000 trouble free miles. Thanks Dane!

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