SRT 4 Dart to use 1.8T


The Dodge “SRT 4 Dart” is to use the

1.8T engine (Base HP 300 for SRT-4)

from the step brother  Alfa Romeo.  This comes From World car Fans website, and honestly it makes sense, just think about it; the Dart is already based off the Alfa Romeo Platform, uses the same engines (or close to it).  Alfa Romeo is suppose to make it to the USA Market soon.

So what better way to solidify the brand then giving Dodge (and SRT)  a mot0r that already has power. Which isn’t bad at all, Fiat S.p.a really lets Chrysler Group LLC do their own development to make the motor and features competitive before they release cars on the market.

Now to the questions:

1. When will this be real creditable news?
We cant say for sure.

2. How much will the SRT 4 Dart be?
Good question, cant really say;  the First SRT-4 was advertised as the fastest 4 cylinder under $20,000.00 with the Viper in 2005.

With inflation, and the price of everything going up I’m guessing 27 – 28 k ? possibly more??

When will the SRT 4 Dart be available to Order?

Well lets just say it will be a celebration when Ralph unveils the SRT-4 Dart.

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