Brain Storming Idea’s and Solutions for the SRT 4 Dart.

SRT 4 Dart Ideas and solutions

Brain Storming Idea’s and Solutions for the SRT4 Dart.

Speculation has been rumored around the internet that the SRT-4 Dart is dead, and that Chrysler Group LLC doesn’t have a factory to assemble the SRT-4 . We have heard this a number of times; from Dealerships and Employees from the Midwest and the North. Now a cost effective yet profitable way to make the SRT edition Dart to come alive would be crazy to most yet a good idea to most business savvy person and or business. why not off bolt on SRT spec parts to the dart owners of America?

Toyota Did this for the Scion TC anyone remember the  “TRD” edition with a bolt on supercharger, this made the car way faster than what it was and lead core Toyota people to make their TC insanely fast. Now that we have the inspiration lets break down what would make this  different from another gig going on right now in the auto world or at least one that able to be known.

  • SRT makes aftermarket parts that are branded SRT, and we offer everything that makes an SRT a SRT from fit  to finish:

1. Suspension, Brakes , Body, Rims, exhaust, and other Performance add on to engine parts.

2. Have 2 different versions of the SRT 4 Dart, for both the Manual and Automatic marketplace. Supercharger add-on for the automatic’s , and a beefed up turbo add on for the turbo’ed Manual engine.

3. Offer SRT spec parts, and upgrade program to dealerships and select performance shops nationwide. The Program consists of how to properly install the SRT spec parts on to the series of motors available to the Dodge Dart 1.4, 2.0, 2.4L. Then test the knowledge of employees interested in the SRT spec  certification. Owners are still open to installing it themselves, but they will have to swallow the fact they lost a warranty. you don’t get warranty, if you no get SRT spec parts installed at authorized dealership or shop, yah know what I mean. If you add on parts and what to keep your dart running smooth. All authorized SRT spec Dodge Darts will be logged into a secure Chrysler database that a certified SRT spec technician can input,  and can be shared and accessed  amongst the dealer network and performance shops nationwide.

4. Offer  SRT 4 Dart spec parts in stages, 1,2,3, and 4. People in this economy takes steps  in the aftermarket  marketplace.
Example: Hey John what stage is your Dodge Dart SRT Spec 4? Well Horace, I have a stage 3 SRT Spec Dart that was installed at Walters dealership I’m producing xx HP and xx TQ in my supercharged 2.4L . I’m saving up for stage 4, I really like that I can get the most from my dart without buying a new car and I’m feel confident making my Dodge Dart SRT spec a daily driver because of Chrysler’s sophisticated training and certification program they have for their dart as they do for the Viper. I keep my factory warranty from the day of purchasing my Dart.  SRT engineers know how to make motors fast, makes you feel great Shelby’s, and Walters work is still lived on at Chrysler. 

5. Collaborate with Mopar for the body kits. Since Mopar is already has a catalog of body parts.

I know this sounds like one heck of a process to line up, but think about it; the performance parts industry is on average a billion dollar a year industry. Dart owners want to make their dart faster. There are a lot of dart owners already. We have to wait to see if, where, and when the SRT4 Dart is going to be produced. You’ll be adding jobs at the machine shops,  and Walter P Chrysler heritage of development and testing of parts would still be lived on  at chrysler .

Chrysler has invested a lot of money already into employing America and they are doing a great job. This idea could be a profitable asset to Chrysler and SRT.  Toyota has success with their TRD part options for their TC.

The SRT4 dart rumors are making enthusiast crazy to know what exactly Ralph is going to do with the Dart.  So why not just make SRT Spec parts for the Darts and Identify them by class and stage level. We don’t expect anything like the 600hp GRC Rallye Dart, but we want something.  This also keeps Dart owners nation wide happy that they have REAL performance options by a Brand at Chrysler that knows Street and Racing Technology.  So why not.. Instead of reinventingthe wheel, just spin it.

P.S this is just an Idea.


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