2013 Black Widow Dodge Dart

2013 Dodge Dart of the year black widow dodge dart

The 2013 Black Widow Dodge Dart has been our favorite since day one; when we were tweeted about the project car. Over time Nicole the owner of the 2013 Black Widow Dodge Dart kept us up to date on the build, over time it has turned into one sweet Dodge Dart. Here is our exclusive E-interview with the owner Nicole and the 2013 Black Widow Dodge Dart.

Why the Dart ? We are a dodge family. My husband has El Diablo srt8 and we also own a Durango so when it was my turn to build a cool daily driver it had to be the new dart.

What trim level? 2013 Dodge Dart rallye 1.4l with turbo.

What’s all done to the dart mod wise? Kat kin interior, 2 tone wrap, 2 piece forged wheels, huge stereo, lowering springs, halos, let’s everywhere,  k&n cai, 3g engine bay kit, body kit, upgraded rotor n pads, exhaust.

Sponsors? Vredestein tires, katzkin leather, R1 Concepts, Magnaflow, orafol americas, kicker, dc audio, X’s power, Oracle lighting, 02 Forged, razzi body kits, 02 Creation, silent running deadener.

Who did the body work? The wrap was done by 02 Creations n Elite Auto Films
Where did you get the halo’s for Dodge Dart ? Oracle lighting helped us get them done as well as other lighting

How was the SEMA turn out? SEMA was an amazing event for us. The car displayed well and made it on Car Crazy TV show. Made new connections and saw all of our car family while there.  Overall a true success.

What’s next for you and the dart ?
We plan on fiber-glassing the rest of the trunk, airbag system as well as a big brake kit from R1 Concepts

2013 Dodge Dart of the year black widow dodge dart



This by far is one of the coolest custom Dodge Darts on the road. We here at DodgeDartz.com crown the Black Widow Dodge Dart the 2013 Dart of the Year.
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ProjectBlackWidow
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ProjBlackWidow
Instagram: http://instagram.com/diablocorals

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