ACR Dodge Dart Interview

Here is our Interview with the ACR Dodge Dart

What trim level is your dodge dart?

My Dart started as the Aero package. I went for the Aero because it is a little lighter then the other packages. I decided to buy a Dart after I drove the Road Race Motorsports Fiat Abarth. That car was a blast to drive, it was fast and nimble. Me being a die hard Mopar guy I wasnt to interested in buying a Fiat and I knew that the Dart was built on the Alfa Romeo Giulietta platform and shared the same 1.4 turbo engine as the Fiat so modding it should be easy. I have a soft spot for front wheel drive turbo cars and have owned quite a few of them over the years, it started with a 1984 Shelby Charger, 1990 Dodge Spirit R/T, 1989 Shelby Shadow and my last one was a 1987 Shelby Lancer #38 of only 800 ever built.

Followers of ours want to know why the nickname?

I chose ACR which stands “American Club Racing” because back in 2005 Dodge released an ACR version of the Neon SRT-4 and Viper. These cars came with better suspension and different wheel and tire setups that made the car ready for autocross and roadcourse duty right from the factory. My car is meant to be the Dart version of those cars.


The sponsors are: Road Race Motorsports, Hotchkiss Suspension, BC Racing, Katzkin Upholstery, Pirelli Tires, Axis Wheels, JemFx, Speedhut, One11Ink, Mopar Performance and Redline Gauge Works.

 List your mods:

The mods are: RRM Mid Ram CAI, RRM stage 1 piggy back ECU, Custom Stainless 2.5 center exit exhaust, custom rear diffuser, Hotchkis Suspension Sway Bars, BC Racing adjustable coilovers, Custom blach leather and red suede Katzkin upholstery, Axis Super Hiro 18×8.5 wheels with +35 offset, Pirelli Pzero 245/45/18 tires, Carbon Fiber look California Hydro Graphics center grill, radiator shroud, fus box cover and rear diffuser and a custom carbon fiber gauge pod with boost and AFR gauges ” soon to be in production”

 With the mods do you see the difference when driving?

The difference in driving is Awesome, the combination of the RRM engine mods and the Suspension makes the car a joy to drive, Having the sway bars and coilovers makes the car handle Amazing which also makes the car feel way lighter then it actually is.  The smell of the Katzkin leather makes you look forward to every drive!

Would you consider selling the Car & is the car a daily?

I have no interest in selling it and I split up the daily driving with my 2005 Dodge Magnum.

 Other Cars?

Shelby Dodge

2 3 cuda

My other cars: 1969 Plymouth Valiant nicknamed “Violent” 1959 Plymouth Belvedere, 1950 Hudson, 2005 Dodge Magnum and my 1995 Dodge Ram 2500 Cummins diesel.

Was SEMA a success ?

The SEMA show was a huge success for the Dart and my company Redline Gauge Works, The Dart was photographed by Mr SRT himself Ralph Giles and then he posted it on his twitter. The show also helped me develop a great relationship with Mopar Performance and all of the Vendors that helped with the Dart. My shop restores and customizes instrument panels for classic’s, muscle cars, street rods and hotrods so there were many cars in the show with our work and the Pure Vision built 1972 twin turbo 1300hp Camaro won GM’s best design award with one of our custom gauge panels, we were very blessed with good opportunities and an overall fun week at SEMA.

 What’s next for the Alfa Dart?

The Dart was just photographed for Mopar Collectors Guide Magazine and will be featured in the Feb issue which hits newstands on Dec 24th. I will be driving the Dart to the Mopars at the Strip car show in Vegas on April 12-14th and I will be giving rides in it all weekend on the Hotchkis Suspension Autocross course. RRM will be continuing to use the car for development and to get some dyno numbers to show the hp and tq gains.

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