2014 DODGE DART RT SEMA is real!

Attention all Dodge Dart Owners. Check Out the  Dodge Dart RT Sema. This concept has the dodge dart nation drooling over its hood and body kit effects.  You can clearly see why everyone likes the Dodge Dart RT.

There is rumors that this Dodge Dart RT has a tuned 5.7L hemi, we will smash that rumor right now,  and say there is no way on  a 5 point 7 liter HEMI is fitting in that alfa romeo engine bay. point blank, so stop thinking its gonna happen. While we are at it, there is no Dodge Dart HELLCAT either.




The Dodge Dart R/T concept wears a hue called, “O-So-Orange,” along with a matte-black hood that has a function duct directing cool air to the engine intake, as well as venting for the turbocharger intercooler. A new front fascia; side skirts, a splitter, and a diffuser from the Mopar Dart body kit; a new rear spoiler, and larger exhaust tips round out the visual changes. The Dodge Dart also scores enlarged brakes and an adjustable coilover suspension.


Dream Specs:

R/T Suspesion
240 HP 2.0L Turbo Motor

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